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With PEGA Bidet save 80% toilet paper!

Sure thing! Please contact us and we’ll take care of you. Really, it’s that simple. Heck, we’ll even replace your stuff if your house burns down.

Click here to see the full terms and conditions of our 18-month Warranty.

Not a problem! If you have purchased any of our other products from our trusted partners, they are covered by our 18 month warranty – be sure to keep your receipt/order confirmation. That being said, buying items from third parties like eBay will void the warranty.

After finishing business on the toilet, turn the bidet on for a refreshing wash. Run the bidet until you feel clean. Pat dry with a bit of toilet paper or a reusable towel. Once you bidet, you never go back.

No. The water that the bidet sprays comes from the water supply. The toilet tank’s water comes from the same water supply as well, but the bidet does not draw water from the tank itself.

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