This outstanding bidet is your partner for your toilet need, it’s hygienic, economical, cost efficient and easy to use.

PEGA Bidet® EZ-200R
Bidet Attachment

Pega Bidet is committed to making the toileting easier and simpler, no need to bend over for paper wiping. Save paper, save money, save trees, save the earth.

PEGA Bidet® S100
Toilet Seat

The integrated structure of the toilet lid and bidet is The perfect solution for the gap between the toilet lid and Bidet Attachments.

PEGA Bidet® SS-H17
Bathroom Toilet Stool

The Pega Bidet toilet assist stool helps to reduce constipation and simply makes it easier to go to the bathroom with a more complete elimination.

PEGA Bidet® HB500
Handheld Bidet Sprayer

Hand Held Bidet Sprayer, a new generation of cleaning tools in your toilet, saves your toilet paper and offers comfortable cleaning up and fresh after using the toilet.